UX Designer, Collaborator


12 Weeks


Microsoft Teams, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD.


User Personas, User Flows, Product Voice & Tone, Style Guide, High Fidelity Prototype.


Wheel for Change is a platform with the objective to connect social entrepreneurs with potential investors.

The Scope.

Our goal was to create the initial steps in a UX strategy that would be later expanded and implemented by a future team of strategists. We focused in the process of creating a profile as a social entrepreneur and also a way to see and compare the different projects to select the option that best fits the needs of potential investors.

The Process.

This was a highly collaborative project where we distributed tasks among the team members and did periodc revisions of everyone's work. We helped each other to succeed and in the end we created a UX strategy package that included the following:

User Personas

We gathered information from the perspective of both entrepreneurs and investors and created two personas to represent those users. We highligthed their needs and their expectations which would help us in the next steps of the process.

User Personas

User Flows

A user flow is a set of steps that we anticipate our potential users will take. It helps us define actions that they will go through to achieve certain tasks on the Wheel for Change platform.

The role of a user flow is to present an overall picture, understand the users’ needs, and act as a guideline to create a seamless user experience.

User Flows
User Flows

Voice & Tone

In determining the voice and tone, we analyzed the brand's attitude towards its users, core values and mission statement to help communicate its value.

Voice and Tone
Part of the Voice & Tone Strategy


Different team members worked on different aspects of the product and each of us came up with a prototype of a feature. I was in charge of creating the prototype for the mobile version of the application. I focused on the feature that lets investors see details of projects and allows them to compare projects side to side.

Test the prototype yourself ›

Prototype for Mobile Version

My Experience.

Being part of an amazing team taught me to collaborate in a effective and efficient way. I understood the importance of communication and learned to successfully turn client's requirements and user feedback into a great UX strategy.

"[Carlos] masterfully analyzed user person and helped the content structure of the app. He appreciates approach to critique and feedback, which created an environment of mutual respect, while proactively empowering each and every team member, which has, in turn, resulted in professional collaboration."